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After the PR

Jena Chopson

Yesterday I ran the half-marathon at the Indianapolis Monumental half and achieved a 6-minute PR. If any of you are familiar with running, you know what kind of feat this is (I took nearly 30 seconds per mile off my pace). 

This did not happen overnight. This was the culmination of years of effort and work. I have been running off and on since high school, but more "seriously" since 2010. Even though I have been at it for 5 years, it wasn't until this summer when I realized something I should have known a long time ago: If I wanted to hit my goals, I needed to find a coach. 

As a health & fitness coach I often told myself I didn't need a coach. I could figure it out, right? It turns out, even the "experts" need coaches, too. The more research I did on successful people, the more I came to find that each and every one of them had coaches for different areas of their lives. It became clear that if I wanted to hit big running goals, then I needed a coach, too. 

So I approached someone who I felt would be a great fit for me as a running coach. Enter: Michael Scott (Look him up--Run Nerds Rock on Facebook. He is THE best). I told him I wanted to PR my half marathon at Indy Monumental in November.  He said let's do it.  After filling out a questionnaire on my running history, he drew up a training plan for me which I followed nearly to a T. In addition to a custom training plan, he provided the extra accountability and support that I definitely needed. 

Even though I had all the tools, I still wasn't perfect. I missed a couple of training runs. I had days where I felt like I failed miserably, and I had days where I felt like I nailed it. There were days when I didn't want to get out of bed and run 14 miles. There were days when I REALLY did not want to come home after clinical or a 12 hour shift and do a tempo run or a half-marathon paced run. 

But I made a commitment. I made this big goal for myself, and damnit, I wasn't going to let my excuses get in my way. So I stuck to the training plan, even when I didn't want to. 

This is what happens when you truly commit to something. When you check your excuses at the door and really go all in, you WILL achieve your goals. 

It won't be perfect. There will be days where you feel like a failure. But I promise, if you TRUST THE PROCESS and keep your heart set on your goals, you WILL achieve them. Yesterday felt amazing. I went into the race expecting to be gasping for breath the entire race, and I was surprised to feel 100% prepared. Yesterday I felt AMAZING. I crushed my goal pace for the majority of the race.  The training and the coaching PAID. OFF. The late nights, the pain, the early mornings, the moments of tears....they all PAID. OFF. 

I want you to know that I am here for you. I want you to achieve your goals. If you are struggling, reach out to me. If you need help with something, I am here.

As for me? I'm just getting started. The best thing about achieving something you never thought you could do is the realization that you can accomplish even MORE.  We were all made for God-sized dreams and I'm never going to stop chasing them. How about you? <3 


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