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Let's talk about motivation

Angie Carel

“I wish I had your motivation.”

“If only I had your motivation, I could accomplish so much!”

“I don’t know where you find your motivation.”

These are some of the most common comments I receive from friends and acquaintances who follow my journey on social media. If I only had a dollar for every comment that echoed those above…….but I digress ;)

All of these comments as you can see center around one main theme: Motivation. What IS motivation exactly? Well, if we want to be totally cliché for a second, motivation is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as: Noun: The act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something; the condition of being eager to act or work; a force or influence that causes someone to do something.

Not that I’m disagreeing with the great Merriam-Webster, but I define motivation differently. Motivation is a decision. What? Yes. Let me repeat that. Motivation is a decision.

I think most people feel like motivation is something you are born with. Or it’s this secret pixie dust that gets sprinkled on you one night after you’ve wished for it real hard. Or maybe, it’s something you have to go all Indiana-Jones and search really hard for, and only the fiercest, bravest, macho person of them all ends up finding it.

I promise you, it’s not that hard. I promise you there’s no pixie dust. And I PROMISE that you aren’t born with it (and trust me, I should know, I do deliver babies after all…and babies ain’t born with nothing but a naked body and their mother’s eyes).

The ONLY thing stopping you from having motivation is you. Gasp. I know. Rude right? How dare I make such outlandish claims? But it’s true. The only thing stopping you from having that hell-bent motivation to just go and do that one thing in the world you want to do is YOU!! You have to be the one who wakes up and decides to draw that line in the sand and say, “Today is the day. Today is day one. Today, I am motivated to take the first step to accomplishing my goals and dreams.”

But what fuels that? What creates that awe-inspiring Braveheart moment where things change forever? Merriam-Webster says it’s a “force.” Well, I believe that’s true, and that force has a name: Your why. Your reason. Why are you on this path? Why did you write down those specific goals in that journal? Why did you set out to be the best dancer? To get the scholarship? To choreograph the masterpiece?

Your answer can’t be cliché. As noble as some of these sound, it can’t just be “to help people,” or “to make a difference,” or “to inspire.” Those answers don’t create decisions (aka motivation). Those reasons don’t set a fire on our souls. They don’t get you up at 4am. It has to be deeper than that. It has to come from within. It has to be part of YOUR individual story. Only when it gets truly deep, dark, and personal does it ignite that flame that leads to a motivation that no gloomy day, no 4am wakeup call, or no set back can burn out.

So today I challenge you to find out what that is for you. What’s that deep, soul inspiring story that is the REAL reason why you are where you are today, and the reason that pushes you towards a greater tomorrow? I challenge you to find that. Because once you do….well, I believe you just found your motivation.

In all things awesome,


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